What is email marketing and how can it be used?


Integration of CRM via mail is something natural, automatic and necessary. The connection between these two applications is one of the wisest commercial actions and more benefits can contribute to your business. And if you have not yet started, your digital marketing strategies are in the media.

Information, marketing, as well as in other sectors, is power. Having enough information about customers of your products or services is mild. In fact, the great potential of email marketing does not lie in the design of messages, nor in their content. But it is based on the database on which it is based.

Do you know what CRM means and how can I help you?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management has a wide range of definitions. However, all sections are the same as the strategy that provides a specific approach that helps companies manage their interactions with their contacts.

This is, as high infographic is highlighted, a business strategy that enables us to manage customer relationships effectively. In this way, relationships not only progress, but also give users more value. With what customer retention happens as a natural action.

However, it is important to define the term “focus” of the first definition. That is, if you have not studied CRM thoroughly or do not know how to integrate CRM via email, it’s possible to link this term with the software. Or with a database. But that’s not the case.

If you have otherwise worked successfully with CRM strategies. CRM is, in fact, a methodology that covers many aspects of strategy, software implementation, and user execution.

What are his most important advantages and qualities?

1.- Have a client file

Creating one “view” of multiple clients and any information related to them is one of the goals of CRM. It helps to understand how the client is.

2. Automation

CRM approaches include automated strategy tools such as contact management or online marketing campaigns. In this way, efficiency, productivity and operational readiness are achieved.

Lead Leadership

As MarketingSherpa observes, 61% of B2B companies focus their strategies and directs their directions directly to sales. However, only 27% of those who drive are really ready to buy. What it means? This strategy is abused.

Faced with this situation, education is ideal to help you keep those who lead you away from selling. That is, it’s about getting users through all stages of the conversion tube. All this to increase customer loyalty. Since a loyal customer is better and more likely to buy than young people.

In this regard, email marketing is one of the most powerful channels for feeding the leader during the sales process. And you get more and more loyalty.

In addition, according to the Forrester Research report, companies pointing to development strategies generate 50% more sales opportunities for 33% lower costs. And another study by Annuitas states that loyal customers with whom they have closer and personalized relationships buy 47%.

Therefore, the integration of CRM e-mails is essential for the development of the full potential of education. In this way, drivers can get personalized, automated, intelligent, and secure influences at every stage.

2.- Automation of marketing

Your marketing strategy should include elements for capturing information about user behavior on your site and capturing data in an email campaign.

That is, through marketing automation, you can send your campaigns to potential clients and check their behavior. In this way, the relationship with customers is developing. In addition, if you trust and trust their brand, you will be more informed about your business.

As you know, automation is very important in every marketing strategy. So you can get an idea of ​​how much CRM will help your business grow.

3. – Intelligence

CRM is the source of intelligence because it goes beyond collecting and restoring data. For example, the integration of CRM via email also includes receiving performance data. And appropriate subsequent actions that can be taken.

4.- Socially

It is likely that CRM is expected to grow further, as many social data are being recorded and used there. In fact, key CRM systems include integrating social content as an important component.

Why integrate CRM via email?

E-mail marketing and CRM technologies have been advanced and have been significantly updated over the past years. Especially since every time they try to launch intelligent and intuitive platforms. For the same reason, when CRM is integrated through e-mail, the results are twice as effective. Especially for these factors:

3.- The best segmentation

Integrating CRM via email will help you further divide the data segment and make more specific online marketing strategies.

Your CRM tool will notify you of people’s interests. And before that, emails are crucial for the timely delivery of your personalized information. In addition, with a few clicks you can see who is interested in specific information and send relevant content.

Good levels of CRM segmentation are high. We work on the users themselves and in the company’s data:

Segmentation refers to users

According to demographic data: age, gender, marital status, number of children, working status, etc.

For social channels through which it communicates. Lifestyle, type of customer or desired communication channel.

The degree of reaction to previous campaigns.

Interests from social networks.

Of the types of products and services that are usually of interest to consumers.

And because of its business potential.

Segmentation of companies

Segmentation by demographic data. For the height, size of the company, the level of billing, the number of employees, the company’s activities, etc.

From geographical data. Given the location, user concentration, etc.


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